I have really enjoyed creating this blog and learning about many different types of databases throughout this semester.  There were several that I had not used before this class and I appreciate having the opportunity to explore them. I have already used several of these databases in both my school work as well as my … Continue reading Reflection


Dialog gives users the ability to search by industry, such as business, science, engineering, finance, and law. Searching by industry allows Dialog to only search databases that have been chosen by ProQuest that relate to that industry. For my search, I have selected the Engineering & Technology industry. I used the command line search to … Continue reading Dialog


WorldCat is a database that I use quite often in my job, especially when searching for items that customers have requested through Interlibrary Loan. According to their website, “WorldCat is the world’s largest network of library content and services.” This database allows users to search the holdings of libraries around the world. For my first attempt, … Continue reading WorldCat


PUBMED is a database for biomedical literature from MEDLINE, life science journals, and online books.  This is not a database that I use often for personal use, but I have used it to help library users. Before I started this search I used MeSH, the controlled vocabulary thesaurus to find appropriate search terms for my … Continue reading PUBMED